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  • The 4 Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Delivering Omni-Channel Customer Support

    Research shows that 93% of business managers recognise that failing to provide holistic, personalised, proactive customer experience could lead to lost customers, missed sale opportunities, lower revenue and reduced loyalty. Ways that IT manager can overcome these obstacles, while coming up with cost-effective solutions is to experiment with different communication modes for customer support…

  • Stop Wasting Your Time On Hold And Use Webtext With Avaya Aura

    You know that feeling when you call up and the voice on the other line replies with “we are experiencing exceptionally heavy call volumes… your call will be answered in…” You feel trapped and frustrated as there are a million other things you could be getting on with, so you try to multitask, but just as you turn to more productive thoughts, the voice returns.

  • Half Of Large Enterprises Set For Hybrid Cloud

    According to new figures, it’s been predicted that by the end of 2017, almost half of large enterprise companies are set to adopt hybrid cloud deployments. Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company forecast hybrid cloud will be the solution of choice for enterprises in the coming year.

  • Why Business Collaboration And Productivity Apps Are Shaping The Tablet Market

    Consumers can experience the iPad and Microsoft Surface tablet, so the question is, what do these tablets means for enterprises? Forrester, technology management professionals who develop customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth predicts productivity features will be a key priority for tablet purchasers in the coming years and that nearly one in five sales will go directly to enterprises.

  • How Social, Self-Service And Mobile Are Transforming Customer Service

    In order to maintain high-quality customer experience, it’s essential for any organisation to be able to communicate effectively with customers and provide them with all the tools they need to answer their questions.