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  • Improving your customers’ experience

    Standing out from the competition is a challenge faced by most companies. In today’s highly connected market, this challenge is greater than ever with empowered customers expecting the best customer service experience from their service providers.

  • How telecoms can help businesses continue to grow

    Telecoms play an integral part in any company’s infrastructure and day-to-day functionality - but are businesses investing in today’s technology to help drive and increase efficiency while remaining competitive?

  • Choosing the right telecoms system for your business

    Effective communication is essential for continued success and growth, especially in a business environment. All businesses rely on a working telecoms system and need to have user-friendly telecoms systems for customers.

  • How your business can benefit from advances in telecoms technology

    Telecoms technology is always evolving. In today’s location-flexible business market, these developments are largely focused around ensuring workforce’s stay connected and remain efficient, wherever they are based.

  • Fergus & Glover - An Exchange Communication Case Study #problemsolved

    The Customer

    Fergus & Glover - a cosmetic dental surgeons based in Aberdeen and Glasgow, offering a variety of treatments including cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic as well as preventative care.

  • Are you ready for a new phone system?

    Make sure your phone system enables the flexibility and mobility your business needs to compete successfully.

    Savvy business leaders know that dependable communication fuels innovation, efficiency and satisfied customers. Yet many businesses are still using outdated phone systems that don’t support the companies’ growth objectives. Don’t let communication problems affect your business. It’s time for a new phone system, and choosing the right solution matters.

  • Here's why Brexit could lead to a stampede of Scots companies heading to Europe

    Here’s Tom Sime Managing Director at Exchange Communications view on the Brexit elephant in the room which could end up delivering a major blow to the Scottish economy.

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